To the team at Arrow Environmental Services, a green lawn is more than just a nice expanse of healthy grass. Keeping your lawn green should also involve a commitment to protecting nearby lakes, rivers and bays, so future generations can enjoy the natural beauty of Florida. Precise levels of nutrients are applied only as necessary to maintain optimum health, and our highly trained technicians carefully inspect your landscape on a frequent basis to help prevent widespread damage.

As we strive to follow best practices while providing lawn care and fertilization services, our technicians receive far more than the minimum instruction in environmentally friendly procedures mandated in the new ordinances.

A healthy lawn is important to the environment because a lawn’s dense root system filters stormwater before it soaks through to the aquifer. Our sustainable solutions are designed to keep both your landscape and our environment strong and vigorous for many years to come.

The Arrow Environmental Lawn & Shrub Program:

  • Fertilizer - We carfeully choose environmentally friendly products to enhance turf
  • Insect Suppression - We control turf damaging insects such as chinch bugs, mole crickets, armyworms and sod webworms
  • Broadleaf Weed Suppression - Our service reduces existing weeds and prevents new weeds
  • Disease Suppression - We help resolve any existing condition and minimize the likelihood of future disease

Contact Arrow today at (800) 226-3139 for your free lawn and shrub evaluation and let us keep your landscape looking beautiful and healthy year round.