While lawn care typically takes center stage for Florida residents, trees, palms and ornamental shrubs also require specialized care. Arrow has developed a comprehensive program for trees, palms and shrubs to ensure that your landscape provides years of beauty and enjoyment.

We use a state-of-the-art custom fertilizer blend made with 100% slow-release nitrogen, formulated to ensure that each plant receives the exact level of nutrients it needs during the growing season.

Our palm program includes horticultural inspections, deep root injections and insect control applications

Our specialized citrus care program promotes abundant fruit with proper nutrition and treatments for disease, insects and sooty mold.

Borer control is also availableto help save oaks, pines and other trees.

Once your trees, palms and shrubs are growing well, our expert technicians prune them to keep them attractive, promote healthy growth habits and minimize the potential for damage caused by high winds.

Special programs available include:

  • State-of-the-art treatments to treat the often-fatal palm decline that can strike several types of palms in Florida.

  • Services that can help to save oaks, pines and other trees that may be attacked and killed by boring insects.

  • Specialized citrus care programs that promote abundant fruit while also treating for disease, insects and sooty mold.

Contact Arrow today at (800) 226-3139 for expert palm, citrus and tree care. We offer a free evaluation and will present a program to keep your palms and trees healthy and beautiful all year.

Available in selected areas. Please inquire.