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Florida termites are voracious wood-eaters that can quickly destroy the structural integrity of your home. They thrive in hot, humid climates, and may not be detected until significant damage has been done. Older homes and structures are particularly susceptible to termite damage.

There are generally two choices for Florida termite control.  Bait stations are designed to detect termites before they find a way into your home or office. Liquid termiticides set up a protective barrier around the home.    We offer both options to our customers.

Included in any service is a comprehensive written warranty that covers the cost of any wood damaged in homes and buildings under contract for termite control.  There’s an old saying in Florida: either you already have termites or you will get them. Even if you don’t see signs of termites, a thorough annual inspection of your home or business by a highly trained termite control company can help to prevent damage before it becomes apparent.

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