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Keeping Rodents Out of Your Insulation

Most homeowners in Southwest Florida know the signs of rodent infestations. Piles of droppings and patches of urine, bite and scratch marks all point to a rat or mouse in the house. You can call a pest control company like Arrow Environmental Services to remove the rodents - but is that the end of your problem? If the mouse or rat infestation nested in your insulation, they could cause the kind of damage that exterminating companies can't handle. What do you do then? Why do rats and mice end up in your insulation, and how can Arrow Environmental Services help? Let's answer all of that and more below.

Rats In My Insulation?

Why would rats or mice want to get into your insulation? It's surprisingly simple. Rodents come into a home or business looking for shelter and food to survive on. They're usually drawn to areas that are quiet and undisturbed, like your attic or the void inside your walls. The insulation there is only an added benefit. Fiberglass insulation, the most common for homes in the area, is also the favorite of rodents and other pests. Rats and mice tunnel through the batting, tearing at the material to eat or nest with. And while they do all of that, they'll also be defecating in the same place where they eat and sleep. So even after you remove the rodents from your home, the mess they made is still left behind them. You can't fix damaged insulation. You also can't change it on your own, since rodent droppings may contain Hantavirus that can spread into the air if improperly handled. You need a home service expert that can safely remove and replace the material. Or, even better, you need Arrow Environmental Services to make sure rodents don't have a chance to get inside your property.

Keeping Rats Out with Arrow

You can say a lot about rodents, but they can't go through walls. They get in through cracks, gaps and other openings on the outside of a property. If you remove rats or mice without taking care of these entry points, it's only a matter of time before more rodents take their place. That's where Arrow Environmental Services makes a real difference. Part of our rodent control strategy involves finding and remedying all major vulnerabilities in a property. This not only protects your home from rat and mice infestation, but it can also actually deter other kinds of pests as well. There is no material of insulation that is completely rodent proof. That's why it's so important to prevent these invading rodents from gaining access to this vital part of your home's structure. With Arrow Environmental Services we can ensure your insulation is kept intact. Your heating and cooling systems will run better, and you'll live more comfortably. Ready to learn more? Contact Arrow Environmental Services today!
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How Missed Residential Waste Collection Causes Wildlife Problems

If you live in or near Polk County, you know that the area is currently under a local state of emergency because of the ongoing missed residential waste collection. Needless to say, this has been extremely frustrating for residents. These missed collections have caused solid waste to accumulate not just near homes but also on roadways. Unfortunately, there are even more unforeseen consequences to this fiasco. Uncollected trash is one of the top attractants for pests, especially nuisance wildlife. The experts at Arrow Environmental Services are here to share everything you need to know about keeping pests away from your home during this local state of emergency.

Wildlife Infestations in Florida

In our area, wildlife is abundant. From squirrels to raccoons, wild animals typically have no intent to enter our homes. However, with the current residential waste collection issues, the trash pileup could quickly attract nuisance wildlife to your home. And unfortunately, these animals could stick around long after the waste collection problem is solved. With their initial resources now gone, some wild animals may try to get inside your property to look for more sources of food. If they make their way indoors, you can be sure they’re bound to cause some problems. Wildlife can quickly cause structural damage and even create a hazardous environment with their droppings and nests. The key to avoiding these problems is to learn how to seal off your home to wildlife in the first place.

How to Prevent Wildlife Getting in Your Home

Wildlife exclusion is the process of sealing entry points to keep wild animals from easily accessing your home. Here are the top areas around your property to focus on:
  1. Chimneys. Covering chimneys with a cap or screen keeps pests like squirrels out.
  2. Vent openings. Similarly to chimneys, placing screens over vent openings can keep animals out
  3. Soffits & siding. Covering overhangs can take away an animal’s shelter.
  4. Cracks & holes. It’s important to make sure there are no openings into your home for animals to enter.
  5. Porches & decks. Closing off your deck or porch will keep animals from nesting beneath them.
  6. Roof. Sealing any entry points and fixing broken roofing will stop animals from getting in.

Wildlife Control and Removal Experts

While wild animals may be showing up in your yard more than usual due to the waste collection issues right now, wildlife infestations are common in our region year-round. In addition to sealing off your property, it’s important to do your part in preventing wildlife problems. This includes keeping your garbage cans sealed, limiting the use of birdseed, removing debris piles, and more. When in doubt, it’s always best to contact your local pest control experts at Arrow Environmental Services. Our technicians have the knowledge to safely remove animals from your property. Contact us today to learn more!