Avoiding Pantry Pests While Holiday Baking

christmas cookies 1051884 960 720From fun-shaped cookies to gingerbread houses, baking during the holidays is a fun tradition for many families. But whenever there’s a fun baking project, there’s bound to be difficult pests that can ruin the holiday cheer. These critters such as ants, flour beetles, sawtoothed grain beetles, drugstore beetles, cigarette beetles, grain moths and Indian meal moths, to name a few, like to gather around food stored in your pantries and cabinets and can become a major nuisance. Here are some tips to help ensure your holiday baking plans run smoothly: 

Inspect your groceries: Many pantry pests are brought in from items that are already infested, such as paper grocery bags. Make sure to inspect all items before placing them in your cart, and avoid any with even the slightest signs of damage. As for products already in your home, visually inspect them before use. 

Purchase proper storage: Invest in some quality plastic containers with secure lids. This will protect your food from pests that may be looking for a meal.

Wipe down surfaces: Make sure countertops, floors and other surfaces are always clean and free of crumbs. Clean up spills immediately and make sure to clean under and around appliances. For extra protection, use a bug spray specifically for use in the kitchen. 

Still finding pests in your kitchen despite taking these prevention measures? Consult a Fort Myers pest control specialist today by calling Arrow Environmental Services at 1-877-854-0949

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