Chinch bugs are tiny insects that have the ability to destroy your lawn. These tiny bugs are easily recognized but difficult to spot because of their size. If you believe that your lawn may be infested with chinch bugs, it is important for you to call for help from the professionals at Arrow Environmental Services. Our professionals can help to identify an infestation and then eradicate it before the bugs kill your grass.

Identifying Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs are about 1/5 inches long. They have black bodies and flat, white wings that are folded on their backs. The young bugs are red but turn black with what looks like a white “X” their back as they get older, and it takes them from four to six weeks to reach maturation. In order to identify chinch bugs, you can look carefully at the blades of grass at the areas where they turn from yellow to green. You can also place a coffee can that has had both of its ends removed with one end pressed into the dirt. Fill it with soapy water. If you have chinch bugs, they will rise up to the surface after only a couple minutes.

Damage Caused by Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs are especially damaging to lawns because of their feeding habits. They drain all of the moisture out of your grass, causing it to yellow. When they have drained grass on which they are feeding, they inject a poison into it, causing it to die. Chinch bugs can be found on St. Augustine grass and Zoysia grass, but they are especially problematic for St. Augustine grass.

Signs That You Have a Chinch Bug Problem

Most homeowners recognize that they have a chinch bug problem when they have grass that is yellowing and appears to be dying despite regularly watering their lawns. You may have patches of grass that have browned and looks as if it has suffered a drought condition. You may also have barren patches in your lawn. If you see the signs of a chinch bug infestation, it is important that you get help immediately before the bugs spread across your lawn and kill all of your grass.

How to Prevent Chinch Bug Infestations

Maintaining the proper moisture and the timely applications of preventative products can prevent chinch bugs.

If you have a chinch bug problem, you will likely need help from the pest control experts at Arrow Environmental Services. We are able to identify chinch bugs and have the treatments that work to eliminate infestations. We can also advise you about ongoing maintenance and preventative steps to stop chinch bugs from coming back to your lawn. With our help, you can regain the beautifully green and unblemished lawn that you want. Contact the professionals at Arrow Environmental Services today for help with all of your pest control needs.