Common Summer Pests

When temperatures rise in the summertime, we experience an influx of pests. At Arrow Environmental Services, we’re here to help you identify and exterminate pests you may encounter throughout spring. The following are some of the most common findings: 

With warmer weather, mosquitoes become more active. The life cycle of a mosquito is quick—eggs hatch to become biting, reproducing adults in just two weeks. Not only are their bites annoying, but they can actually transmit serious diseases like Zika virus, West Nile virus, yellowfever and malaria. Health risks aside, mosquitoes are annoying and can hinder one’s enjoyment of the outdoors.

The most common pests in our area are ants. Ants enter our homes through small cracks and hole, doors and windows seeking food, water and shelter. With over 700 species of ants, its’ likely you’ll encounter these unwelcome visitors at some time. It’s important to address their presence before they contaminate food, bite or even cause damage to your home.

Though most swarms occur in early spring, summertime swarms are not uncommon. Termites will swarm short distances, leaving their current colony to mate and start new colonies. Swarms of termites are a sure sign that an infestation is present.

Other common springtime pests include spiders, ticks and beetles. If you suspect an infestation of any of these, don’t panic – a Naples exterminator is available at Arrow Environmental Services. Contact us today at 1-877-854-0949.

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