How to Know if You Have a Mouse Infestation

MouseHave you ever had a feeling you were sharing your home with a critter or two, but couldn’t spot one? You may not always be able to see mice if they have infested your home. They’re pretty good at hiding, so while you may be searching, they could be running around your house, eating your food, scratching walls, and even carrying diseases. 

Luckily, there are some ways you can spot a mouse infestation even if you can’t spot one yourself. We’ve provided a brief list of some things to look for – If any sound familiar, you should call for rodent control in Sarasota immediately.

Chew Marks – Take a close look at your food boxes and bags, or the garbage. Mice chew their way through these things to get your food. 

Nests – Not unlike birds, mice also build nests to live in. They use soft, warm materials like wool, pieces of fabric, grass or twigs to build them. You’ll likely find their nests in hidden and warm places like the corner of the attic, closet, or basement. 

Droppings or Urine – Mice aren’t very discriminate about where they leave these behind. If you find droppings or dribbles on counters or the floor, chances are that you have an infestation.

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