Keep Your Tailgate Party Pest-Free

24554701352 a5ff099d5b bDuring football season, everyone loves a good tailgate cookout. And while cooler temperatures may help defer pests in northern states, the warmer climate here in the South has us taking Tampa pest control measures well into the fall and year round. To keep pests away from your tailgate party while celebrating the game, consider the following tips:

Ants: Both house ants and fire ants are attracted to the same delicious foods that we are. To keep them out of the food at your tailgate party, make sure your snacks are in airtight containers and always keep them covered.

Wasps: After building their population all summer, wasps are plentiful this time of year. Because they’re pollinators, they’re attracted to sweet smells; so keep sweet drinks in a lidded pitcher and cover your soda cans/bottles.

Flies: Flies are attracted to more than just food. To avoid a fly frenzy, choose a spot away from trash cans and portable restrooms. Empty trash cans near the tailgate regularly and keep the lids tightly closed. Flies are also not strong fliers, so setting up a fan to blow near food can help keep them away. Be sure to rinse off the inside and outside of your trash cans after events as well.

Mosquitos: Although they’re not interested in your tailgate food, you can be sure mosquitos will gather if there’s a large crowd. Be sure to wear an insect repellent with DEET. 

Insects can be problematic year round, but they’re especially problematic when they can be carrying serious diseases that can affect your health. If these pests make their way from your tailgate party to your home, contact environmental services at 1-877-854-0949.

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