Maintaining a Termite-Proof Home

Prevention is the best way to keep all forms of pests out of your home, especially termites. In Florida, the warm climate provides a perfect environment for these destructive pests. As the weather warms in early spring, termites will begin to swarm and pose a threat to what is likely your largest asset—your home. Subterranean termites are the most common species of termites in our area and can form large colonies. It is also not uncommon to have multiple colonies of termites living on one property. Because termites may not be detected until significant damage has already been done, it is imperative to have preventative termite services. Hiring a professional that offers termite treatment in Orlando can be the best form of prevention in your home against the wood-eating pests. 

For effective termite prevention, an annual inspection is a must. Our trained and experienced home inspectors will thoroughly inspect your home and property for past or present termite infestations and look for any conducive conditions where termites may thrive. By having a termite services with Arrow Environmental Services, you can ensure your home is protected. Call us today at 877-854-0949 to set up an appointment for your free property evaluation.

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