Make Pest Control Part of Your Spring Cleaning This Year

There’s nothing like spring cleaning to freshen up your home. Whether you love spring cleaning or dread it, there’s no denying that the outcome is beneficial to both you and your home. However, something spring cleaners often forget is pest control. Keeping your home free of pests like ants and cockroaches is an essential part of keeping it clean. The following are some handy spring cleaning tips to keep these pests at bay.

Rid Your Kitchen of Ants 
Even if you keep your kitchen sparkling clean, ants can still find a way inside your home. One good way you can keep them away is to go through your pantry and cabinets and remove anything that is stale, expired or not sealed correctly. Next, wipe the pantry and cabinets down to remove any food crumbs and apply shelf paper. Don’t forget to vacuum behind all of your appliances to ensure that no food particles are left for the ants to find.

Rid Your Bathroom of Roaches 
Cockroaches and other bugs are attracted to moisture, so you may be finding them creeping around in your bathroom if there’s excess moisture. Reducing the amount of moisture in your bathroom is the best way to keep them out. Check your toilet, sinks and shower for leaking pipes or faucets. Next, clean your ventilation unit. Keeping it running during showers will remove moisture from the room. You should also keep your shower curtain outside of your tub when not in use so it can dry properly.

Call an Exterminator 
If you have a pest problem that a little spring cleaning can’t fix, a Cape Coral exterminator can help you. Arrow Environmental Services can provide sustainable, environmentally friendly pest control for your home and property this spring. Act now and contact us at 877-854-0949.

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