Make Your Home Less Friendly To Pests This Season

wreathNo one wants bugs or pests in their home, especially during the holidays; but as they seek food and shelter, they can be hard to keep away. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to prevent them from entering your home when your extended family does.

While ants and roaches are incredibly small and can get into most spaces, it’s important to seal up any possible entryways such as the areas around windows and doors that are susceptible to small cracks. They can also find their way through poorly maintained screens, so make sure to have these replaced (or better yet, removed and replaced with glass).

Also, take a second look at your holiday décor. While decorations consisting of the flora and fauna of the season (such as pine needles) can be appealing to planned guests, they can also be appealing to unwanted ones! If placing these outside, keep them a good distance from the exterior of your home. For the same reason, don’t string lights between your house and trees/shrubs. And more importantly, check all wreaths and decorations with plants for bugs before bringing them into your home.

Although the weather may be cooler, don’t let your preventative pest treatments lapse during the holidays. For residential pest control in Tampa , contact Arrow Environmental Services at 1-877-854-0949.

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