Mowers and Mowing Tips: Getting the Lawn of Your Dreams

As the spring grass begins to emerge, it’s time to start thinking about warm-weather lawn care. Growing grass stays healthier when you combine the right lawnmower with proper mowing techniques.

Which Mower is Best for Your Lawn?

Mowers fall into one of two categories: push or riding. Push mowers are ideal for lawns up to half an acre in size. Riding mowers are better for tackling areas of half an acre to two or more acres. These basics give you a starting point from which to choose the right mower for your landscaping needs.

Push Mowers

Gas mowers are the most common type of push mower. These are best for yards up to about one-third of an acre with mostly flat terrain, but you can get models with higher back wheels to help navigate over obstacles. Electric mowers are also handy on flat lawns, but have less power than gas mowers. Dual battery systems keep these mowers going for longer on a single charge.

Whether you prefer gas or electric, you can choose from front-wheel, rear-wheel or all-wheel drive to complement the nature of your lawn. Rear or all-wheel drive is your best bet when tackling bumpy landscapes. Front-wheel drive will do on smoother lawns. For very small lawns under 500 square feet, you can skip the powered push mower types completely and use an old-fashioned manual model.

Riding Mowers

Large lawns are easier to mow with a lawn tractor, garden tractor or zero-turn-radius (ZTR) riding mower. A lawn tractor is probably the first thing you picture when you think of riding lawn mowers, but garden tractors have more powerful engines and transmissions to tackle tough jobs.

Some riding mowers have attachments to aerate, remove thatch or catch leaves and grass clippings. These extras make lawn care easier and improve the overall health.

ZTR mowers do the same work as other riding models but offer more precision in turning. If your lawn has diverse landscaping elements, including flower beds and shrubs, a ZTR is best for keeping grass trim without damaging decorative plants.

Mow This Way for a More Beautiful Landscape

Regardless of the type of mower you use, it’s important to follow good mowing practices to preserve the beauty of your lawn:

• Never remove more than one-third of grass blade height at once
• Keep mower blades sharp for clean cuts
• Mow during cooler times of day and only when grass is dry
• Use different patterns each time you mow to avoid compressing the soil

Taking care of your lawn throughout spring and summer can be a big job, especially if you’re fond of decorative landscaping. When you need help maintaining the beauty of your lawn, give Arrow Environmental Services a call. Our lawn and shrub care services include fertilization, disease prevention and pest management utilizing environmentally friendly methods. Let us transform your lawn into a beautiful green getaway you can enjoy all season.

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