Preventing Ants During Summertime

Summer months can become intensely hot in Florida, so you may not get a break from invasive pests such as ants. While you may look down and see a harmless ant, there are actually large assortments of ants that can be much more harmful than the average variety.

Crazy Ants 
Crazy ants, also known as raspberry crazy ants, tawny crazy ants, hairy crazy ants, and so on, have come about in increasing portions during recent years. The ‘crazy’ part of their name refers to their erratic movements. Another certainly crazy behavior they possess is their attraction to electrical equipment. While regular ants may be a nuisance, the crazy variety can cause serious electrical damage. When one dies, they release a pheromone that tells more ants to come; and if one dies by electrocution, more ants will continue piling up in the electrical system. Due to their potentially serious damage, crazy ants are not something to ignore. 

White Footed Ants 
White footed ants get their name from the pale bottoms of each of their black legs. These exist typically in large colonies of thousands to millions of workers and multiple queens. They tend to nest in common landscape items such as mulch, ground cover, potted plants, and lumber. White footed ants are very difficult to control and near impossible to eliminate completely during the summer.

Because both of these ant species can prove incredibly difficult and problematic, it’s important to seek professional assistance early. If you think you may be experiencing a problem with crazy ants, white footed ants, or other pests, reach out to an exterminator in Tampa at

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