Preventing Ants From Joining Your Summertime BBQ

How to Identify Ant Infestations and How to Prevent Them

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of the summer season, so it's no surprise that lots of people delight in celebrating with a backyard bash. Unfortunately, if you haven't taken steps to protect your outdoor living space, you may find that your barbecue draws more than just your invited guests. Pests like ants can present a real problem.

When the Ants Come Marching In

There are more than 10,000 species of ants in the world. While there is some variation from species to species, most ants are between 2 millimeters and 25 millimeters in length and brown, black, yellow or reddish in color. They are social insects that live in colonies that often have thousands of members. Incredibly strong for their size, these powerful insects have big heads, strong jaws and two elbowed antennae. Their bodies have a narrow waist, and their six legs allow them to travel quickly across a wide variety of surfaces.

Why the Ants Come Marching In

Scavengers, ants are frequently on the hunt for food and moisture. In nature, their diet runs to seeds, nectar, fungi and dead insects. When humans are around, they're happy to expand their culinary horizons and munch on a wide range of human foods. Sugar, fruits, vegetables, meats, cheese, peanut butter and grease are all popular with ants. In fact, their need for food is the primary reason that ants invade homes, picnics and backyard barbecues. These pests are drawn by the opportunity to secure food, and they are incredibly persistent. Even if you catch a line of ants in the act of raiding your food and eliminate them, it won't put an end to the problem. Ants who find a promising food source mark the way with a chemical trail that leads other members of their colonies to it, and as long as that trail exists, ants will keep coming.

What to Do to Stop Ants From Marching In

Whether you want to fire up your grill and dine outside, relax on the patio while the kids splash in the pool, play an energetic game of Frisbee, practice moving meditation with tai chi, or simply stretch out on a blanket and watch the stars, the experience will definitely be more enjoyable if you don't have to worry about pests ruining your fun. While you could take a do-it-yourself approach, most of the ant control products on store shelves are ineffective. If you truly want to enjoy your living spaces without worrying about ants, you'll want to seek out a reputable pest control professional.

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