Removing Pests Without Hurting the Environment

hands 1838659 960 720When it comes to safe pest control, there are some fairly basic do’s and dont's. At Arrow Environmental Services, we follow important guidelines to protect the environment as we work with chemicals to remove pests from your home or business. Here are just a few examples of what elements the improper use of chemicals could affect:

  • Air: Any form of pesticide can contribute to pollution if used improperly. Occasionally “pesticide drift” may occur, where the pesticide particles can linger in the air and flow to nearby areas that may be occupied by children or wildlife. Using the pesticide properly will ensure effective results without the danger of contamination.
  • Water: Rain, groundwater and wells can all experience pesticide contamination after extermination. Having a protected spraying area can easily remedy this issue though the experience of a professional.
  • Soil: During home extermination of pests, contamination of soil is unlikely; however, a professional Cape Coral exterminator can check airflow within your home as to not contaminate other areas.

After learning what pesticides can do to the environment around your home or business, always hire a professional to remove pests. Contact an expert today at 1-877-854-0949.

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