The Importance of Lawn Maintenance in Pest Control

nature garden grass lawn mediumThe most important way to control pests in your lawn is to maintain it properly. A healthy lawn will resist pests much better than an unhealthy one. Also, leaves and debris on the lawn can be a home to many damaging pests. Consult a company that offers maintenance services like lawn fertilization in Orlando to keep your lawn pest free. Here are tips to maintain a healthy lawn.

It is important to water the proper amount and not to under-water or over-water your lawn. Watering too little will not be enough for good growth. If you water too much, there can be standing water that attracts pests. Water up to 1 inch per week and if it rains, water when a footprint stays in the grass. Check after rainfall to see what areas need better drainage.

When it comes to fertilizer, less is more. Many people over-fertilize their lawns and this can be damaging. If the lawn grows too fast, it will be less resistant to insects. A mature lawn will only need light fertilizing twice a year in the spring and fall and it is best to consult a professional lawn fertilization company in Orlando for this service.

The lawn needs to be mowed and edged regularly. It is important to not cut the grass too short because the blades need to be a good length to be healthy.

Other Tips

  • Test the soil every five years
  • Keep weeds under control
  • Clean debris and dead plants from the lawn in the spring
  • In the fall, cut back overgrowth and remove leaves
  • Trim back all bushes and trees to more than 10 feet from the roof line. Limbs and branches can be used by rodents and other animals to get into your house
  • Check after a strong storm and remove any broken or downed branches
  • Plant herbs like rosemary to repel ants and feverfew to deter bees and wasps

For more information on protecting your lawn from pests this fall, call Arrow Environmental Services at 1-877-854-0949.

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