Three Ways to Prepare for Termite Swarms

The weather will grow warmer soon, and that means one thing for those of us in Sarasota: The termite swarms are coming soon. In the early spring months, termites grow wings, emerge from their underground colonies and begin the search for suitable locations in which to mate.

Termites can cause significant structural damage to homes. If you see a termite swarm near your home, it means that a termite colony is nearby. For maximum protection, it is imperative that you have a pest control service inspect your home for signs of a termite infestation. In the meantime, these three tips can help you prepare.

1: Trim Overgrown Brush

Termites love shade and moisture -- and overgrown brush provides ample supplies of both. Keep your grass cut short, and trim overgrown trees and bushes. It is especially important to trim overgrown brush near the foundation of your home. Otherwise, termites may thrive under the protection of the brush until they begin to use your home's structure as a food source.

2: Remove Moist Organic Materials

Termites enjoy living among moist organic materials near food sources. Wet leaves in your gutters, moist wood under a leaking pipe and a wet patch of land around an air conditioner drain can all harbor termites. Before termite season begins, clean your gutters to move rainwater efficiently away from your home. Check your air conditioner drain, and examine your plumbing for signs of leaks. Eliminate every source of excess moisture that you can find.

3: Remove Potential Termite Food Sources

The best thing that you can do to prevent termites from colonizing your home is eliminate their favorite food sources. Termites prefer moist wood. stacking firewood against the outer wall of your home, for example, is a bad idea; termites could eat the firewood and quickly move on to your home. If you have any old wood, tree stumps or other dead plant life near your home, remove them before you see the first termite swarms of the season.

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