When to Get a WDO Inspection & What to Expect

When you live in your home day after day, it is easy to take the walls around you for granted. However, your walls may not be as secure as you think. There are many things that can damage your home's structure from the inside out, which is why it is important to know about a Wood Destroying Organism inspection.

A WDO inspection involves looking over your home for signs of damage to the wood. The aim is to discover if there is wood damage and to identify the cause of the damage. Most people worry about termites during this inspection, but other organisms can also be flagged. This could include beetles and fungi.

The inspection must be completed by a certified professional. During the inspection, the inspector will carefully examine as much of the home as possible. This includes any unfinished spaces, which may be where wood damage is easiest to see. Basements, crawlspaces, attics and even the yard should all be included during the inspection. Although this cannot guarantee that all problems are caught, it does provide the inspector with a good overview of the property.

After the inspection, the results should be discussed with you. The inspector should review any signs of damage, and you should ask as many questions as necessary. If areas need to be addressed, the inspector can provide information about the best fixes to pursue. Any information gleaned from the inspection should be dealt with as soon as possible in order to minimize risk of further damage.

There are two main times when you may want a WDO inspection. The first is when you are buying a new home. In fact, some lenders require a WDO inspection. Even if your lender does not require such an inspection, it is still highly recommended. A home can look beautiful and still have wood damage. Because wood damage is not always visible until the problem is widespread, it is best to have a professional opinion on the state of the home.

You may also want a WDO inspection if there have been other homes on the street with problems. Termites in particular spread from one house to the next, which makes multiple infestations on the same street likely. If there are any signs of trouble, it is best to get your home checked to be sure.

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