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Bed Bugs Found On Couch | Tampa, Florida

Bed Bugs Found On Couch | Tampa, Florida

Check out this Bed Bug infestation that was found during an initial home inspection performed by Lead Pest Control Technician: Daniel H.

FUN FACT: In the 1940s, bed bugs were nearly eradicated across the United States. However, with increased global travel, complacency and resistance, they’ve come back in full force.

If you think you may have a Bed Bug problem in your home, please contact us TODAY!   Bed Bug Control Tampa Bed Bug Control Tampa   Since 1958 Arrow Environmental Pest Service has been improving our customer’s quality of life through safe and effective pest control. Providing Residential and Commercial termite and pest control. Servicing Altamonte Springs, Cape Coral, Lakeland, Naples, Pinellas, Port Charlotte, Sarasota, Tampa. Contact us for more information on mosquito control and additional services. Those services include Lawn & Shrub Care, Bed Bug Control, Wildlife Control, Moisture Control & Pest Control Insulation

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