Because everything from wind to water flow can bring weeds to your yard, it can sometimes feel impossible to get them under control. That’s why our team at Arrow created the weed control program. If you’ve struggled with consistent infestations of weeds in your yard or are worried you could be susceptible to them, it may be time tocall our professionals to find the right treatment for your lawn.

Weeds We Treat

Arrow weed control program treats Broadleaf weeds in Florida

Broadleaf - Weed control and elimination in lawns is a carefully planned and coordinated program. Broadleaf weeds are the most common weeds in lawns and generally come in the form of dollarweed, Florida pusley and oxalis/clover.

Arrow weed control treats Dollarweed in Florida

Dollarweed - With an appearance similar to lilypads, dollarweed is another invasive weed that is difficult to get rid of once it is established in your yard. Dollarweed mostly lives below the ground, making it even harder to kill without the proper methods.

Arrow weed control program treats Pusley Weed in Florida

Florida Pusley - Some homeowners don’t mind this weed with its white, pink or purple blooms. However, it can quickly move to surrounding areas of your yard and become an infestation if not treated properly. This is often referred to as Florida snow.

Arrow weed control program treats Doveweed in Florida

Doveweed - Doveweed prefers wet areas, so it will thrive in areas that are susceptible to drainage issues or if the area is consistently over-watered. Like the others, Doveweed is easier to control before emerging rather than after it has been established.

Arrow weed control program treats Oxalis weed in Florida

Oxalis/Clover - This weed grows year-round in Florida and prefers moist soil. Oxalis has a very fast seed production, meaning it can reproduce and continue to spread quickly if not managed with both pre- and post-emergent.


How We Treat & Remove Weeds from Your Lawn

In our lawn treatment program, you can expect your yard to be fully cared for from lawn disease [hyperlinked to new /lawn-shrub-services /lawn-disease/ page once created] to pest control [hyperlinked to new /lawn-shrub-services/pest-control page once created]l. With our weed control services, you can expect:

  • Pre-emergent treatment - It’s better for your lawn and your budget to prevent against invasive weed species rather than waiting until after they’ve had a chance to establish themselves.. Our pre-emergent treatments protects against Florida weeds year-round so you can stop weed growth early.
  • Post-emergent treatment - If you’re already struggling with certain invasive weeds, Arrow has specific treatment plans to help you manage your yard in the best way possible. To learn more about we can help with specific problems, get in touch with our service professionals today.

To learn more about Arrow’s lawn program which includes lawn pest control, disease management and weed control, or to schedule a free lawn evaluation, call 800-226-3139 or fill out the contact form online to get full details.