Highlands, FL Pest and Lawn Control

When residents of Highlands County need either pest control or lawn, shrub, and tree care, they should turn to Arrow Environmental Service. Because of the area's humid, sunny climate, it's important to keep the termites away and the grass watered and healthy. We can provide a range of services and even advise you on preventing issues in the future.

Termite Control

Termites create about $5 billion of damage annually, which is more than that of flood, fire, and tornado damage combined. The type you'll most often find here is Eastern subterranean termites, which live in the soil and emerge from their colonies to feed on wet or decayed wood. To eliminate them, our professionals will install Sentricon® bait systems in the ground. The pests will take the poisoned bait, share it with the others, and effectively kill their entire colonies with it.

Drywood termites are flying termites that nest in the same wood structures that sustain them. These don't spread like subterranean termites do, so we can take care of them with fumigation. Afterward, you might consider pest control insulation for your home. Ours is coated with a borate pesticide that kills any pest that ingests it, and it will also boost your home's energy efficiency.

Mosquito Control

You want to be outside in the spring and summer, but perhaps the mosquitoes bother you. These insects are also known to harbor diseases like malaria and the Zika virus, so it's important to act fast. We'll identify all the breeding grounds (any place with standing water is a good candidate) before setting up a nine-month mosquito control program with you.

Our employees will use insect growth regulators to kill them off at the egg and larval stages, and we can perform fogging and misting to eliminate the adults. Our insecticides are non-residual, meaning they have an immediate effect.

Tree Care

Our tree care centers around palms, pines, oaks and citrus trees. Our program will focus on keeping your palms and trees free of wood-boring insects and providing them the nutrition they need to thrive. Your palms and trees will receive a deep injection of our state-of-the-art fertilizer made with 100% slow-release nitrogen (a quick-release fertilizer results in undesirable overgrowth). We have special procedures for preventing the growth of sooty mold as well as for treating diseases like Texas Phoenix palm decline.

Lawn and Shrub Care

We offer a single program that covers both lawns and shrubs, and it includes:

• Fertilizer treatments
• Insect suppression
• Broadleaf weed suppression
• Disease suppression

Our fertilizers, if applied in the late spring or autumn, can prepare the way for seeding. This is essential if you have thin or bare, brown patches in your lawn. We'll also keep away pests like chinch bugs and mole crickets, which can deplete your lawn of nutrients. You're welcome to ask about other treatments like core aeration and dethatching. If you want your sprinkler system maintained or replaced, we're here for you. Our company carries unique systems with moisture-sensing devices, ensuring that it stays off on rainy days.

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