To achieve and maintain a beautiful lawn, you need more than fertilization. Proper watering and mowing are also necessary. An efficient irrigation system not only conserves substantial amounts of water, this providing savings, but also provides just the right amount of water your lawn and landscape needs to thrive.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality service by using the most advanced technology to make your irrigation system as efficient as possible. With stringent restrictions on irrigation, rising costs of water and increased awareness of the need for fresh water in our natural ecosystems, it's more important than ever to make every drop count. Whether you need a new irrigation system, an upgrade to your existing system, or regular maintenance of your existing system, the professionals at Arrow Environmental Services can help.

Irrigation Services

  • Consultations & Troubleshooting

  • Irrigation System Instalation

  • Maintenance Program, Repair, Calibration

  • Valve Location & Wire Tracing

  • Pump Service & Replacement

  • Controller Scheduling

We work directly with the nation's leading irrigation manufacturers to take advantage of new technology that is changing the way residential and commercial irrigation works. Drawing upon techniques proven in commercial and agricultural trials, new technologies in micro-irrigation and underground drip systems deliver the exact amount of water your lawn and landscaping needs to stay healthy.

Also, new-generation timer clocks allow multiple settings to account for different types of plantings, and moisture-sensing devices can prevent your system from running in the rain.

In Florida, more than half of the water used runs through irrigation systems, but most sprinkler systems are run in the middle of the night and you may never know that you're watering the driveway, not the landscaping.

Take advantage of our sprinkler system maintenance program to ensure peak performance:

  • Inspecting and testing the controller

  • Checking system for irrigation deficiencies

  • Cleaning and adjusting malfunctioning components

  • Examining each zone to ensure proper watering patterns, head styles and height

  • Checking rain sensor device to ensure that it meets current building codes

Contact Arrow today at (800) 226-3139 for your free irrigation evaluation. We offer comprehensive irrigation programs to make sure your lawn and shrubs are receiving the appropriate amount of water to ensure a thriving landscape.

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