Specialized Palm Care Program

Palm tree - Yellowing palm tree fronds are treated by Arrow's palm care servicesArrow has developed a quarterly program to inspect palm trees for nutrient deficiencies and insect activity. After the initial inspection, we will offer a plan tailored to your palms’ needs, which includes continued horticultural inspections, soil drenches and insect control applications.

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Palm Tree Fertilizer Service

Our drench program uses a combination of granular and liquid fertilizer to eliminate nutrient deficiencies. This 100% slow-release nitrogen fertilizer ensures:

  • Exact nutrient levels for plant growth
  • Essential nutrients like potassium and manganese
  • Healthy roots and leaves
  • Less discoloration and better tree health

Treating Palm Tree Pests

Like our other pest control services, palm services also include pest inspections for common insects that cause damage or wilting. Most commonly in Florida, we see:

  • White flies – We detect these pests by the white, waxy residue left on palm leaves which causes a dark mold to form. These insects drain the nutrients from the tree causing it to wilt and yellow if left untreated.
  • Weevils – These pests are harder to detect as they live and cause damage inside the tree. They can cripple the integrity of the tree, which can eventually collapse if not treated.