Serving Southwest and Central Florida for over 50 years

In Southern Florida, there is a constant battle to prevent pests from infesting your home and potentially damaging the structure of the house. Our staff works to keep both your indoor and outdoor property safe from unwanted pests using the most environmentally-friendly methods possible.

Services we offer and pests we treat in the Sarasota area

      • Termite Protection
      • Sarasota experienced noticeable elevations in 2016, especially from colonies that are considered among the most destructive. Arrow’s termite inspections and treatments identify and eliminate termites at the source using our
specialized fumigation
        treatments and in-ground baiting technology.
      • Mosquito Treatment
      • Arrow’s mosquito insecticide both repels and kills mosquitos at all stages of growth to keep the perpetually growing population at bay for our customers.
      • Lawn & Turf Care Services
      • Our Sarasota clients lean on us for our extensive knowledge of the Southwest and Central Florida soil and climate. We use environmentally-friendly practices to maintain and fertilize your yard while protecting it from harmful chemicals and damaging run-off.
      • Shrub Services
      • As with our lawn services, we choose environmentally-friendly products to enhance the yard, while suppressing insects, weeds and disease.
      • Palm Tree Service
      • Much of the Sarasota landscape is enhanced with palms, which flourish when cared for properly. Our
palm tree experts
      have developed a state-of-the-art fertilizer blend made with slow-release nitrogen to ensure each tree receives the exact level of nutrients it needs.
    • Pest Control Insulation
    • Arrow’s attic insulation is coated with a pesticide that prevents pests from infesting your home and can save on your energy bills costs as well.
    • Wood Destroying Organisms Inspection
    • Arrow’s staff inspects houses for evidence of current or past termite, wood-destroying fungi, or wood-destroying beetle activity and reports on any potential damage.

The Office

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Business Hours

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