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We are excited to announce that effective January 13, 2021, we entered into a partnership with Arrow Environmental Services to provide your pest control and lawn services.  Arrow Environmental Services has a distinguished 62-year reputation for providing best-in-class service, and we are confident that you will benefit from our partnership.

Here are some important highlights of the partnership we’d like to bring to your attention:

  • Our local telephone numbers will remain the same.
  • You will continue to receive the same, high-level service you’ve come to expect.
  • All existing contracts, pricing and warranties will continue to be honored.
  • You will now have access to a range of new services, including: Termite control with The Sentricon® System with Always Active™ Technology, bed bug control and treatment, rodent proofing and pest-excluding attic insulation.
  • You will soon be able to add new services online, schedule a complimentary Total Home Pest Evaluation online, and pay your bills via Arrow’s online payment portal.

“Jim and I are delighted with our new partnership with the forward-thinking pest control professionals at Arrow Environmental Services,” said Ruth Irvin, General Manager of Irvin Pest Control. “We feel our two companies are a good fit, and we share a common commitment to providing high quality pest control service. We will remain dedicated to continuing to provide first rate care for you. We’re confident that in addition to continued great service, you will benefit from the menu of new pest control services available and the enhanced modernization that Arrow brings to the table,” she continued.

David Joles, Regional Vice President said, “We are proud to enter into this partnership and you have our sincere commitment that we will continue to provide the same level of excellent service you are accustomed to receiving from the team at Irvin Pest Control.  We enthusiastically welcome you to Arrow, and we will endeavor to make this a seamless transition and a positive experience for you!”

As a welcome, we would like to give you two special gifts:

  1. $50 off any new annual service agreement that you currently do not have with Irvin Pest Control.
  2. A Free 6-Point Total Home Pest Evaluation, including: Attic, Interior, Foundation/Crawlspace,

Termites, Lawn and Exterior, to ensure that all your bases are properly covered.

For more information about Arrow and the new services now available please visit If you have any immediate questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling us here at the same numbers you have always used.  We look very forward to building upon the trust you have placed in Irvin Pest Control over the years and welcome you to this new partnership!

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