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Controlling humidity is one of the most important steps you can take in protecting your home. Crawl spaces and slab foundations are susceptible to moisture intrusion and excessive relative humidity. Ground moisture is a significant source of dampness and humidity under and around the foundation of a house even without standing water.

Another major source of moisture in slab foundations and crawl spaces is from infiltration—outside moisture in the air coming in through cracks, plumbing and refrigeration penetrations and other imperfections.

Excessive moisture can result in structural damage and contribute to fungus and mold issues, and create conducive conditions for termites, wood boring beetles and other pests.

Don’t let moisture issues cause damage to your home.

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Arrow Environmental Services recommends having your crawl space visually inspected and the moisture rate measured annually. Based on our findings and severity of any issues, several solutions are available for moisture control.

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  • Vapor barriers
  • Professional grade dehumidifiers with HEPA registered filtration
  • Automatic temperature vents and power vents
  • Crawl space excavation and sump pumps
  • Borate based product application


When it comes to keeping your home pest-free*, energy-efficient and comfortable to live in, one of the simplest solutions available to homeowners is installing insulation. At Arrow Environmental Services, we offer professional installation of insulation for attics. This eco-friendly product is specially designed to protect your home by resisting moisture, reducing noise, helping lower your energy bill and keeping pests out – all while preserving natural resources.

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The Importance of Insulation

Insulation is imperative to keep your cold air in and the hot weather out. No matter how well a structure is built, roofs, ceilings, walls and floors are all vulnerable to temperature loss and gain. In most states, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends an R-Value of R30-R60, meaning more thermal resistance. Even the thickest fiberglass-only insulation typically has an R-Value of 38. However, our blown-in insulation material is perfectly manufactured for the high demands of our climate.

How Our Insulation Works

Energy Star-certified and manufactured in the USA, the insulation we use is made using as much as 85 percent recycled materials. Because the insulation is a “loose fill” insulation, it’s installed by being blown into attics on top of the existing insulation. This way, it fills the cracks and crevices that insulation rolls cannot. It can also be installed in walls and attics during new home construction.

Insulation reduces your energy usage and lowers your bills by keeping your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It has also been proven to increase a wall’s fire resistance by 22 to 57 percent, meeting the tough fire safety standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Not only does our insulation outperform other types of insulation, but it also takes less energy to manufacture. This makes it an even more environmentally friendly choice.

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Why Pest Control Insulation Is Worth the Investment

You may be wondering why a pest control company is best suited to install insulation. Our insulation doesn’t just keep cool air in, it combines a pesticide-grade borate with insulation made of recycled materials, helping control pests while also keeping weather and noise out. As a pest control insulation, it not only saves energy and money in the long run but is fire and pest resistant. This means that you’ll end up saving on pest control services in addition to energy cost savings. And it doesn’t break down, so you don’t have to worry about replacing or re-treating it down the line.

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  • Controls pests
  • Resists moisture (and mildew growth)
  • Provides energy efficiency
  • Increases your home’s fire resistance
  • Absorbs sound for a comfortable indoor living space

Keep Your Home Insulated Year-Round

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As one of the simplest solutions for energy-efficiency and pest prevention, our insulation services are proven to last. Our professionals will expertly apply the insulation and ensure that all nooks, crannies and gaps are filled for results your wallet will see.

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