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In Florida, ants can be an Infuriating and persistent issue throughout the year. Your first thought to resolve an ant infestation might be to purchase commercially available traps. Regrettably, self-administered pest solutions seldom prove effective. Store-bought ant control solutions can prolong your ant problem or even make it worse. 

To prevent these dangers, it’s essential to take prompt action when you notice an ant infestation in your home. Seek professional ant exterminators. They can effectively identify the ant species and implement the appropriate eradication methods.

The Dangers of Ant infestations 

Ants may appear harmless due to their small size, but they can pose several dangers when they invade our homes and businesses, including: 

  • Food Contamination: Ants are attracted to food sources. When they access your kitchen or pantry, they can contaminate your food with bacteria and pathogens they carry on their bodies. This can lead to foodborne illnesses if consumed.
  • Structural Damage: Certain ant species, like carpenter ants, can tunnel into wood structures, causing damage over time. They don’t eat wood, but their nesting activities weaken wooden components, potentially leading to costly repairs.
  • Health Risks: Ant bites and stings can cause allergic reactions in some individuals. Fire ants, for example, deliver painful stings that can result in severe allergic reactions, requiring immediate medical attention.
  • Asthma and Allergies: Ants can trigger asthma and allergies, especially in sensitive individuals. Their feces and saliva can become airborne, leading to respiratory issues.
  • Stress and Anxiety: Dealing with a persistent ant infestation can be stressful and frustrating, affecting your overall well-being. It can disturb your daily routine and peace of mind.
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Residential Ant Pest Control in Central Florida

Our Ant Extermination Process

Many people attempt to manage ant issues on their own. Unfortunately, this can exacerbate the infestation. It’s best to work with professional ant control specialists immediately. If you find yourself dealing with an ant problem, it’s crucial to seek the assistance of the expert ant exterminators at Arrow Environmental Services

We will take the following steps to keep your homes and businesses ant-free:

  1. Ant Inspection: Our team of ant control experts will conduct a thorough property inspection to pinpoint the origin of the infestation and determine the specific ant species involved.
  2. Ant Control: We will administer ant control products and treatments to eliminate active ants from your property. 
  3. Ant Exclusion: Ants can enter your property through even the tiniest cracks and crevices. Our specialists will put in place exclusion measures to prevent ants from gaining entry.
  4. Ant Prevention: We will provide continuous ant control and prevention tips to assist you in preventing future ant infestations.

Preventing Ant Infestations 

Dealing with ants can become a significant headache, but with the help of professional ant control specialists, you can effectively address the issue and prevent future problems. If you notice ants in your Florida home or business, contact the experts at Arrow Environmental Services for expert assistance and year-round pest management solutions. We offer swift and efficient ant control services that specifically target a variety of ant species prevalent in our area.

We apply products on the interior of your home on the initial visit & as needed on future visits.

At Arrow Environmental Services, we are confident that our innovative pest control approach will provide you with the most comfortable and healthful environment inside your home. If pests make a comeback between our scheduled treatment visits, we will return to your home at no additional cost to ensure that these unwanted guests are eliminated immediately.

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