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4 Most Common Florida Ants

In Florida, ants are a familiar sight both indoors and out, navigating through even the most immaculate homes and dominating outdoor spaces. From the kitchen floor to the garden, it’s hard to miss the presence of these pests. The Sunshine State boasts a diverse ant population, with nearly 20 different species calling it home.

Arrow Environmental Services is your ally in the battle against ants, offering expertise in identifying and controlling the variety of species that may invade your space. Let’s delve into the most frequently encountered ants in Florida homes and gardens.

Common Florida Ants in Central FL | Arrow Environmental Services

1. Florida Carpenter Ants

Distinctive for their large size, reaching up to 11mm, and their striking orange and black coloring, Florida carpenter ants are adaptable, making their homes in both outdoor and indoor environments. They favor decaying wood, trees, and shrubs outside, while indoors, they might nest in less visible areas like attics and within wall cavities. These nocturnal foragers are drawn to sweets, plant juices, and other insects, and they won’t hesitate to bite if they feel threatened.

Carpenter Ant in Central FL | Arrow Environmental Services

2. Red Imported Fire Ants

Notorious for their aggression, red imported fire ants pose a significant threat with their painful stings, which result from a toxic injection following a bite. These ants, identified by their reddish-black bodies and coppery heads, primarily feed on young plants but are known to attack small animals. They build their nests under logs or rocks, though they’re also infamous for creating conspicuous dome-shaped mounds in open spaces.

Fire Ant in Central FL | Arrow Environmental Services

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3. Bigheaded Ants

If you’ve noticed sand mounds along sidewalks or driveways, you might be dealing with bigheaded ants. These ants are named for the disproportionate size of their heads, particularly in the “major worker” or soldier class within the colony. Bigheaded ants are versatile feeders, dining on a mix of sweets, other insects, and soil-dwelling invertebrates. They’re known for camouflaging their trails with dirt, which can be mistaken for termite activity.

Bighead ant in Central FL | Arrow Environmental Services

4. Rover Ants

Among the smallest pest ants, rover ants measure just 1.5-2 mm in length and are typically dark brown or black. They prefer nesting in moist environments like mulch or under debris and are drawn indoors by the lure of moisture in bathrooms and kitchens. Outdoors, their presence can be overwhelming, especially when winged swarmers find their way into pools.

Rover ant in Central FL | Arrow Environmental Services

Combatting Ant Invaders

Ants might be a common feature of life in Florida, but that doesn’t mean they need to overrun your living spaces. With the help of the skilled professionals at Arrow Environmental Services, identifying and eliminating these unwelcome guests from your home or garden is achievable. Reach out to us for effective ant control solutions tailored to your specific situation.

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