Mosquito Services

At Arrow Services, we recognize the utter frustration that property owners experience when mosquitoes breed nearby. Because they can transmit dozens of diseases and be a real nuisance, we want to minimize them on your property. We provide effective mosquito control in Central and Southwest Florida to keep these pests at a minimum on your property so you can better enjoy your outdoor living area. If you are experiencing a mosquito problem, call (888) 421-8054 for a free quote today.

Our Mosquito Program

Arrow offers a 9-month program to give you optimal outdoor living all year long. We use insect growth regulators (IGRs) to prevent and eradicate all mosquitoes. Our services are guaranteed to:

  • Repel and kill mosquitoes at all stages of growth
  • Reduce mosquito populations around patios, porches, playgrounds, and swimming pool areas
  • Reduce the chances of mosquito-spread viruses
  • Protect your family and keep your yard pest free
  • Products not harmful to humans or pets

Adult and Larvae Mosquito Treatments

Our treatments are configured to kill mosquitoes at every stage of life, not just adults. Arrow uses a calibrated insecticide to repel and kill mosquitoes, including larvae.

  • Larvae – We can treat at the larval stage with IGRs to prevent larvae from maturing into adult mosquitoes, reducing mosquito populations at their earliest stages of growth.
  • Adult mosquitoes – To treat matured mosquitoes, our spraying practices kill mosquitoes at their breeding areas to eliminate them at their source.

Mosquito spraying in backyard as part of Arrow’s mosquito control services      Man struggles with mosquito populations in his yard