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Why is wildlife a problem for your home?

Wildlife like squirrels, raccoons and skunks can invade your home looking for safety during storms and unfavorable weather conditions. These noisy intruders can cause a lot of damage in your attic or basement:

  • Tearing up insulation for bedding
  • Chewing timbers and pipework
  • Stripping insulation from electrical wires.

How do you know if you have a wildlife problem?

  • You hear unusual noises in the attic or under your home.
  • Your insulation is disturbed or damaged.
  • Timbers, rafters, and/or electrical wires have been chewed and clawed.
  • Items stored in your attic or basement are chewed or damaged.

Wildlife causes immense losses by:

  • Consuming, damaging, and contaminating food and property in your garden, by attacking your trash cans and in your home!
  • Damaging homes, by gnawing through wood, aluminum, plastic pipes, and sheetrock and can damage electrical wiring, as well as contaminate your attic and insulation.

One of the main problems with wildlife infestations is the damage they cause. Just like pests, wild animals are looking for three things: food, water, and shelter. If they think your building can provide those three things, animals will do anything to get inside!

When the weather starts to cool in the late fall, a variety of wildlife may decide that your home seems like a nice place to spend the winter months. They are curious creatures and will often explore new areas in search of food.

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