a beautiful and verdant freshly mowed lawn in Florida

Springtime Lawn Care Tips in Florida

Spring is the quintessential time for gardening in the US and for residents of Florida, that holds even more true. The sunshine state is famous for its beautiful weather year-round, but spring is when things come fully into bloom and make your yard and garden shine.  Your yard is the first impression of your home. Getting it in shape for the springtime early is vital in making sure you're not playing catch up for the rest of the warm seasons. With these tips, you can get the edge on even the most driven HOA president and make your lawn a verdant gem in your neighborhood with ease!

Lawn Fertilization

Fertilizing your lawn can be a tricky business. Depending on what region of Florida you live in, the grass in your lawn will grow at different rates throughout the year, and you only want to fertilize your lawn when the grass is actually growing. Fertilizing outside of the growth period will result in the grass not absorbing the fertilizer.
  1. Typically the ideal time to start is 3 weeks after the last frost deposits occur. Once the weather turns nicer, your grass will begin growing, and become ready for fertilizer. This is the ideal time to do a soil test to determine what nutrients your soil needs most. 
  2. Next, calculating the amount and type of fertilizer you need is also a vital part of spring lawn care. In accordance with Florida laws to protect the environment, it’s recommended you use only 1 lb of nitrogen per 1000 square feet of turf max. Depending on the results of your soil composition test, however, you can tailor your fertilizer to your lawn's needs.
  3. Make sure to stick with only grass fertilizer as crop or flower fertilizer will have higher levels of phosphorus, magnesium, and other soil supplements that are either unhelpful or detrimental to the growth of grass.

Helpful Fertilizer Tips To Remember:

  • Avoid Fertilizing During Rainy Periods: Fertilizing your lawn right before a rain storm will cause it to get washed away, leaching nitrogen and other soil supplements into the water supply.
  • Clean Up Extra Fertilizer: Sweep up any spills on the sidewalk or excess on the lawn. A responsible lawn caretaker is a happy one!
  • Don’t Over Fertilize: During summer months your grass may turn a lighter shade, and while this can be caused by a lack of nitrogen in your soil, you still MUST adhere to local ordinances. Utilize chelated iron or iron sulfate as a supplement. 

Professional Florida Lawn and Pest Care

If all of this sounds like a headache to deal with, don’t worry! At Arrow Environmental Services we’re ready to help! Not only are we an excellent pest control service provider but also lawn care professionals. Our lawn care will ensure not only a beautiful pest-free yard but a perfect emerald yard year-round for Florida residents.